Offering the best

Transport services in Nepal

Transglobe Logistics P Ltd; formerly Globe Dhuwani Sewa rendering services to the clients since 1978, came into being in the year 2018 incorporating the experienced team and the services of Globe Dhuwani Sewa. The satisfied clientele are the pillars of this unit as the services being extended by this company is a class apart. Continued and unabated support from our patronage prove our capability in delivering the thoughts at a lightning speed keeping our valued customers well satisfied in all aspects. We continue to strive improving our services to a level, meeting the expectation of the parties at all times.



Ocean Freight

With our strong footprint in the logistic services, through our channel partners, we have this services at the door. Comforting clients with the best rates and the services, we uphold huge clientele delivering thoughts, goods and the services.

Custom Clearing

With an experienced team stationed in Birgunj headed by Mr. Ashok Sharma, a person having in depth knowledge and vast and long experience in this sector, the team is rendering its services beyond the expectation of the parties by putting every efforts day and night craning the image of the company to a different level. Positive outcome is the ultimate thrust of the team.


With National Logistic Policy recently announced and warehousing policy awaited with relevant policies due to be in place soon, this service will get momentum in a near future. We have plans to add organized warehousing services into our umbrella once the regulatory body becomes active and recognizing this warehousing as industry.


Transport services post customs are made available to parties. Trucks are kept tracked till the destinations. Safety and security of the goods are our priority. Trucks meeting accident en-route are handled swiftly and speedily to set things right within minimum time duration. Beside normal trucking, we transport ODCs with proper care making all highway arrangements intact for seamless delivery.